Fanele is looking at Muzi with anger, rage, sadness and pure disgust, as they sit opposite each other.

“I’m sorry.” Muzi finally breaks the tension.

Fanele’s jaw clenches, he looks at his grandmother, then faces his mom, who’s pulling on her hair, her eyes full of tears. Fanele hates the man in front of him.

He hates Muzi’s expensive clothes and new haircut, he hates the cologne that Muzi uses. He even hates the fact that he looks so much like him.

“I shouldn’t have left and never looked back. I’ve been foolish, ma. I want to correct that.” Muzi says.

Fanele glances at the grocery bags Muzi and his wife came with, he wonders if he’s trying to buy their forgiveness.

“When did you find out you were pregnant?” Muzi asks Nomalanga.

Nomalanga finally snaps out of her thoughts, her red eyes finding Muzi. She stops pulling on her hair, and starts scratching her elbow so much that she starts to bleed. She stops when she sees the blood, she stares at her blood stained hand, and licks the blood off, then she starts pulling on her tshirt.

“Noma..?” Muzi repeats.

She raises her eyes and looks at him, her gaze looks empty.

“After you left, Muzi. Your mom and I.. we tried writing to you.” Noma bites her nails.

“I came to the big city, Muzi. That’s why I came that night. To tell you about your baby, but you pretended like you didn’t know me, in front of your new city friends.” Mrs Ntini fills him in.

Muzi remembers that day very well, his mother came and tried to speak to him. He had chased her away, screaming. “Hobo!” At her. Mrs Ntini had walked away with tears in her eyes. He also remembers that, Mrs Ntini was carrying a dumpling, which was his favorite meal at that time.

Muzi glances away in shame, he can’t answer that. Fanele stands up, everyone looks up at him. He clenches his fists, then points a shaking finger at his father.

“I will never forgive you. Go back to wherever you came from!” He shouts, then runs outside.

Nomalanga runs after him. The one roomed shack is stunned into silence.