“I have to take him back with us.” Muzi tells Portia.

“I agree. I can’t believe you did all this, Muzi. How could you abandon your family like that?” She asks.

“I’m not proud of what I did, baby. If I could take it back, I would.” He says, as he sits on the hotel bed.

“How will we explain him to his siblings?” Portia asks.

“Owami and Olwethu are still young, they’ll just love the idea of having a big brother.” Muzi responds.

“Speaking of the girls, I should call the nanny, and find out if there’s anything they need.” Portia stands up and walks to the bathroom.


Muzi glares at the same spot in the wall, his heart is beating loudly. He knows he hasn’t been the best man, but he likes to believe he can change for the better.

“Why aren’t you sleeping?” Portia asks him, as she turns on her side.

“I can’t sleep.” Muzi replies.

“Are you worried about your mom and son?” Portia asks, struggling to keep her eyes open.

“I’ve been a bad man.” He shakes his head

“I still can’t believe you’re capable of this, Muzi. How could you leave your mother in a dump?” Portia yawns.

“I know. I just..I wanted your family to like me.” Muzi whispers.

“My parents already liked you. You shouldn’t have lied. They’ll hate you now when they find out what you’ve done.”

“I know.” He breathes out

“What made you do this? Childhood trauma?”

“No. Don’t psychoanalyze me, Portia. I’m not one of your patients. Just offer me comfort, don’t be the psychologist with me.” Muzi frowns.

Portia lifts herself up and wraps her arms around Muzi.

“Good night.” She whispers.