Mrs Ntini steps outside as she sees a white BMW come to a screeching halt outside her small shack. Dust gathers around the car, and she rubs her eyes and lets out a loud cough.

The person driving the lavish car steps out, and Mrs Ntini squints her eyes so she can see clearly. The man who steps out is tall and is in a beautiful blue and black suit. He is very dark in complexion, and has a beautiful face.

She instantly knows who it is, after all these years, he has finally come home. She doesn’t know whether to cry or rejoice, She thought she would never see him again, he had been gone for over seven years, not even bothering on sending a letter to check up on her.

The man walks towards the passenger side, and once he opens the passenger’s door, a beautiful light skinned woman steps out. She has long legs, and a weave hanging down her shoulders, she has huge sunglasses on, and her long nails are painted in red. Her mouth is slightly painted in pink lipstick.

As the woman steps out, she takes off her sunglasses and looks up and down the street in a very judgemental way. The woman is in a short skirt and red high heels, she then clutches her handbag closely to herself as if a thief would come and snatch it away.

Mrs Ntini freezes as she watches the two people as they make their grand entrance in Manzimtoti village. She feels ashamed at her own brown and almost fading pinafore. She has a white headscarf wrapped around her head.

She waits for the new arrivals to step in the yard. Muzi glances her way, and as she looks at him she thinks she sees what? Regret? Pity? Sorrow? She can’t decide.

Muzi takes the hand of the woman he’s with and encouragingly pulls her towards the yard, the woman looks dissatisfied, but walks towards nonetheless.

As soon as they’re in the yard facing Mrs Ntini, Muzi looks down at the woman he’s with and licks his lips, attempting to speak, but words fail him.

“Muzi?” Mrs Ntini says, when she realizes that Muzi can’t find the right words to say to her, nor the woman he’s with.

Muzi seems distraught and looks down in shame, his eyes are glowing with tears, and he once again licks his lips, and glances down.

“Babe, who’s this?”the woman who is with Muzi asks.

“Muzi?” Mrs Ntini says, her hoarse voice trembling, her eyes boring holes into Muzi’s eyes.

“Portia, I.. I can’t.. lie to you anymore.” Muzi finally breathes out heavily.

“Lie to me? What are you talking about, sugar?” Portia asks in a perfect English accent.

“I..I know what I said, but I can’t.. Portia, I can’t.” Muzi stutters, finally letting his tears fall.

Portia seems confused then slowly looks up at Muzi and back at Mrs Ntini,

“You.. how do you know my husband?” Portia asks accusingly.

Mrs Ntini just retreats back into the house, she cannot bare to be scrutinized by this girl Muzi brought home.