Damn he’s kidding right well let me put u in the loop ur dear Mr Jones decided to enroll me in a school(I have never been to school before cz I’ve been homeschooled practically all my life)and a public school infact and that’s not all he will still be taking his card and I won’t have a driver like how the hell am I supposed to get to Gugulethu without a driver.well ok he said I am going use public transport I mean I have never ever have I ever used public transport in my life hay it couldn’t be worse like maybe I don’t have a problem with going to a public school cz it’s just for a month,I wonder what makes him think I won’t survive I mean it no’s just a school even if it’s not Curro but the problem is using public transport like what if I get lost or something,like I don’t even know where the hell is Gugulethu Comprehensive apparently it’s next to some shopping mall or centre or something like that 🙄 I bet I won’t even get my weekly allowance which is 10 000 btw I wonder what is all the fuss abt going to a public school it’s not like I have been to a private school anyway so I doubt I’ll see the difference.Anyways Toodles ❤️

Why do u think Mr Jones thinks Zama won’t survive public school go grab another beverage while u think abt it 😊