I felt my body getting lifted like a feather and aggressively tossed into my bed. As I was lying there with shock, he took out a sharp dagger. He slowly approached me with it and placed it in my neck.

“Do as I say, or face the consequences of living on your own.” His words came out with bitterness but his eyes were secretly filled with benevolence. I knew that I had to do what he said or live regretting that I was responsible for my mother’s death.

Even if I had started hating her, I knew getting her killed would literally kill me too. So, I watched as he slowly pulled my t-shirt out my small body. Somehow, I didn’t feel repulsive.

“Not so stubborn now, are you…?” He said rhetorically. As I was about to say something, I felt his lips gently touch mine. At that moment, I tried to push him away but his body was over mine, and he was heavy. I wished it could end soon.

I never realized that I could be able to ‘kiss’ and I never imagined my first kiss would be with a guy. We were both shirtless. He started passionately kissing my neck and even biting it which felt weird.

His other hand was on my thighs, rubbing them gently and the other held my hands together. He was breathing lightly. He was so erratic and really really on.

Then he tried unbottoning my pants, I kicked him as hard as I can on his sensitive part and he moaned and got off me. I took his dagger and threatened him to stay back.