“Gamelihle my daughter” she said it with her calm melodic voice bt she sounded worried I looked at her amiable “how are you holding up with everything” she asked.

“I am well mother I can assure you the person I am worried about it Mshingila he have bottled up all his pain within himself he doesn’t wanna talk but you can see he is broken and I want to be there for him as he has always been there for me, I just do not know what to do” I said as I was washing the vegetables cause we have decided to prepare dinner for we had no idea how long will he take to come back. “Makoti I know that you may not understand me but if you take your time listen politely with a relaxed mind you will understand and it will sink into your heart and mind. In the longer run you will share it with your daughter & your daughter in law” she was smiling at me cheerfully. “Gamelihle my child I want you to pray for these 7 things my child Healing within your heart so you can move on, pray for Unity and Compassion within your household. “Pray for Protection in your home, protection for your marriage most important pray for Forgiveness”

I looked at her tearful with anger “don’t give me that look” I breathed heavy. “Pray and ask God to help the two of you forgive those whom you think they are unforgivable that they don’t deserve your forgiveness, ask him to help you forgive those who wronged you because there are people you have also wronged without realising that you have wronged them but they forgive you. DO not wait for them to say sorry or be caught but sometimes in order to find peace you have to accept the apology that you have not received. Pray for Peace not just any peace bt Inner Peace tell God, ask him to keep you away from people who will disturb it and anyything you do that cost you your peace it more than expensive honey. Pray and ask God to to Shelter and Hide you in this wicked world ask him hide you, your husband, your family make you blind in all the temptations of this world filled with avaricious and terrible things also people. Last also pray to be a woman of a Noble Character someone who is worth far more than Rubies, a woman who is beautiful inside out, a Proverbs 31 woman. Surrender yourself to God everything that beyond your control give it to him. My daughter surrendering yourself to God won’t be easy but it will be worth it in the end. Be like the woman in the Bible who left her dead child inside her house and when she went out people asked her how is she for they knew and heard that her child is no more she replied to them an said all is well”. Tears were just flowing like a stream after a heavy rain I tried to speak and she never gave me a chance “no matter How difficult the situation is I want you to Trust in God even if you see reasons to back slide but trust him I can assure you you won’t regret it”.

The way MaThabethe loved and supported me you would swear I was her birthed daughter, there was no difference between her daughters and I. I told myself I want to be that kind of a woman she was some sort of a role model to me. “Thank you!” mom I said “I will keep in mind all your teaching and I will go to church with you tomorrow”. She grabbed my had and assured me that God will help me heal , now my duty is to do the same to Ngcebo.

**What kind of a woman do you think MaThabethe is?***