4 hours later we arrived at the Thabethe household. MaThabethe was extremely happy to see us and that was a jolly moment for me because the last time I saw someone being happy to see me was when I was away for work and came back unannounced Sosibo couldn’t hold his happiness and excitement seeing me. Sosibo it Ngcebebanzi’s clan name that how I used to call him if not Mshingila.

“My beautiful children” she said that as she hugged and kissed our forehead “how are you why did you take this long to come”?

“Mother we were still mourning, trying to adjust with everything but we are a bit better” Ngcebebanzi said looking at me. “Makoti you need to be ready to give me a grandchild I am lonely I need someone to keep me busy” she said joyful then I just laughed and reminded her that we have been inviting her for a long time to come move in with us but she refuses. “Your house is to fancy for me it is also strange you don’t lock it with a key bt you lock it with numbers I don’t feel safe I need a key to be sure it locked” they all laugh.

“You know we were planning on buying you that door” Ngcebebanzi said. “Never don’t do that now you want to send me to my grave early don’t do it I am happy with how things are” MaThabethe said and you could see from her facial expressions that she is serious. Then I smiled and assured her that her son was just pulling her leg he won’t do it. She felt relived for her breath said it all. “Let me get you something to eat” she said as she got up from the sofa I then offered to assist her while Ngcebebanzi went out to the car to offload the grocery that we had bought. While we were preparing food he came and left them as he was going out to greet a few childhood friends.