A month later we decided to go and visit mom (my mother in law) but first we had to do a little bit of shopping so that MaThabethe may be have enough food even after we had left. We were in the Grocery shop waiting for the lady in the butchery section to go get us the meat we had requested for when I saw Mirriam and her daughters were heading to our direction. I got furious my blood started to boiling I detested that woman with my whole entire being. “Good afternoon how are you?” She asked, none of us replied but I just stood there and looked at her……I guess she saw the animosity in my face for I have always failed to conceal it. “You shopping again, are you planning on hosting a party”? She continued talking and it seemed as if none of us had intentions of entertaining her.

“No we will be visiting mom for the day it’s still early for us to host parties” Ngcebebanzi responded to her. “Okay then have fun take care and drive safely” she said that as she pushed her troll and left bt her daughter remained behind she than began to say “I know this has nothing to do with me but my family regrets what they did to you. It was all a mistake,a misunderstanding things weren’t supposed to turn out like this please find it in your heart to forgive us”.

I looked at her then faked a smile and said “If things had gone your way we’re they going to regret it?” She stood there broken and looked at me. “My daughter I don’t hate you or your siblings but I love you with my all,free advice please don’t involve yourself in adult matters I know you feel bad about everything but forget about it focus on your studies and make your family proud. Have a good day” as I said the lady came and gave us meat then we left