“Sosibo My darling how do you feel please be honest don’t say you’re fine cause you not I can see?” I asked them he looked at me for sometime tearful without altering a word with his mouth. Tears streamed from both of us I then went to sit by him so that I could comfort him “I am here for you and I also love you, you not alone we’ll get through this together”.

It broke my heart seeing him crying like a baby, for the first time ever since we met I saw him I’m that condition I witnessed a side that I did not know.

“Gamelihle my dear” that was my name “I can’t even describe how am I feeling I understand nothing that is happening. Nkazimulo and his sister made things worse by confessing to killing our daughter. You know if that incident never happened we wouldn’t have lost our unborn you wouldn’t have suffered a brain stroke. You and our children are all I have, I work hard because of you Gamelihle! I don’t think there will ever be anyone who understands this pain. They have cutted me deeper than any knife could, perhaps we should relocate as you suggested cause seeing them now it will be extremely to much”. I could still see that there is something he is not telling me. What I wanted him to do was to express his feelings but for some reason he held back. “My dear I think it time we give our baby a name the one we lost move on and set the wedding date so we can start over” he said. “What do you have in mind I am clueless I asked him and he smiled joyful. I don’t know when was the last time he gave me this smile he then began to say “what do you think of Snakekelo or Mnotho or Mpilwenhle”? I told him I love Snakekelo and that was the final choosen name for the child we had lost.

*Do you think it wise for them to proceed with the wedding?*