We couldn’t hold ourselves we cried. I then began to Question God’s Existence, for he knew I had no one Zanesbani and my unborn baby were all I had now he has taken them away from me. Ngcebebanzi was always at my beck and call, a strong support system even so I still felt Betrayed by God for depriving me a chance to be a mother to my unborn child.

It was just after two weeks we buried her when he came by with his sister to apologize for murdering my daughter. My eyes could not believe what was infront of me it was my neighbour and her brother. My mind began to race with many harmful thoughts and questions to what for? With what they said I felt like puking. The gut they have they first killed my daughter then they come to tell me she wasn’t the target but it was me and Ngcebebanzi. Which means they wanted her to be an orphan.

“Please forgive us it wasn’t our intentions to kill your daughter it was a mistake we only wanted to shoot your husband not your daughter”. We were puzzled for we had no idea what was the reason behind what they are saying. ” We heard that Mshingila (Ngcebebanzi’s clan name) was the reason behind behind the missing car tires”

I was fumming and furious in such a way that I stopped them from talking for they were saying unfair things. “So for a few tires you wanted to take away my daughter’s father by mistake my daughter took those bullets who filled your mind with those toxic news” I asked BT they never wanted to tell us who told them. I still remember the day Nkazimulo shot my daughter, he was wearing that same T shirt.

” When did they go missing for we never heard anything about it?” Ngcebebanzi asked.

“It happened two years ago” Nkazimulo replied we were astonished by thier response something that happened 2 years ago Why would they wait till now to execute their revenge. I asked them how sure they were ,why they never asked us or lay any charges. They couldn’t respond nor look at us in the eye. “So y’all thought this is the best thing to do to act as God over someone’s life instead of finding a way or a perfect meaner to fix this matter, How do you live with yourself?” Ngcebebanzi began to cry as he was asking them.

I thought he was over everything, that he had moved on just like that. In my mind I had believed that he had forgotten about our little light and the soul that I was carrying you could see how broken he was broken and hurt but he had to be strong for me. That day I realised I was selfish I acted as if I’m the only one who have lost her children wherein he also did but hid his pain to be there for me when he also needed someone to be there for him. “Do you realise what have you done to my family? I nearly lost my wife and now there is a possibility that we may not have children anymore. Why would I steal for someone?” He continued to ask. “There is a eye witness, someone who saw you” Mirriam replied. Since we were not able to talk to them we asked them to leave us in peace. The person whom I thought never cared for our children and I remained quiet for the whole week the only thing he asked for was to be given space.

*Do you think Nkazimulo and Mirriam deserve to be forgiven? Why do you say so?