She died 4 years ago but I can tell you everything exactly how it happened as if it happened an hour ago……

Somehow I don’t feel to detest the person behind her death at the same time I’m not ready to forgive either. Is it normal or I’m being illogical? The day she died we were offloading a few groceries from her father’s car she was happy that day for I had come to know that I was 3 months pregnant. My daughter was only 6 six years old and had always wanted a sister to play with her “Mom I will go tell all my friends that I’m having a sister but how will she eat ,how will they see her cause she is in your tummy or you will take her out?” She was happy and laughing as she asked “No dear mom will eat the food for her…we will wait for the doctor to take out the baby from Mommy’s tummy then you can feed her” Ngcebebanzi responded to her, her father. It was a bolt from the blue everything happened fast when a Royal Blue Polo came pass by us shooting then my daughter got shot. Seeing her laying in a pool of blood destroyed me, even today I still have that image in my mind I can not erase it. We kneeled besides her calling for her, we shook her but she didn’t respond. An ambulance arrived and the paramedics announced that she is no more.

I don’t know what happened but the next thing I know is that I was hospitalized. When I woke up Ngcebebanzi (Zanesbani’s father) was holding my hand crying. I told him that I dreamt as if we had lost our daughter I asked him where is she he then reminded me of what happened. I felt like someone took a biggest knife and chopped my heart into pieces, I couldn’t hold myself I cried. Right that moment a doctor walked in and announced that I had miscarried the child so basically in one day I lost two children.

*What do think will now happen to this couple?*