Tiro’s smile becomes priceless as he answer the call in the corner of this small box room, which we call our house. I can tell he had travelled to a place of love. I’m alone in his presence, thinking of what he’ll do next. I can feel my heart sinking deep in the black ocean. Worse part I don’t have a phone to call anyone to help me. I hear the punch stepping closer to my jaws, and the smell of tomorrow’s apologies. Oh! Maybe begging him to take me home after the call this time will work. I’ve been locked up for a long time in this suffocating and smelling box. Imagine, I just do everything here – eating and releasing waste from my body, he never get tired of throwing my mess every morning to the toilet – outside. Today I take a chance to beg him to free me from his jail.

“Thanks my angel, I’ll call you tomorrow,” he says and cut the call. Just the minute he looks at me, everything changes. The wolf in him is incontrollable.

“Can you please let me go home if I can’t make you happy, please,” I beg politely.

“Hey! Hey! Hey!” he runs to me, “I told you to eat! Now you disturbed me on my call!” he then grabs me by the blanket and throws me down.

“No!” my eyes widens and I scream horrified. My mouth hardly hit the floor. I see pieces of my front teeth running down separately. 

“I’m finishing you today Zinhle!” he shouts in my ears, “I’m finishing you Satan!” he yell with his lungs out, so fuming and ruthlessly.

God! Please rescue me from the wolf! Free me from the spirit of oppression! I swear I’ll be born again child that follows your way!” my heart begins pray louder, “Your part is done devil!” I keep shouting and declaring in my heart. Maybe this time, God will hear me. I need his intervening. 

“This moron! Why are you quiet now?” Tiro shouts frustrated. His eyes are red, hands are shaking, sweat from his oily dark face runs in rivers. It’s like there’s something deep in him that pushes his action, nah! This guy will bite me, but today! I refuse. “Scream bastard!”

I throw a careless look on him. Ha-ha! Now God has taken his part. I finished him with the look, hence he’s getting his hands off me.

Wait. A sound of gun is frightening us. We hear footsteps walking around our room. 

“Get up,” Tiro whispers, then he rushes to hide under the bed.

I’m alone on the floor. If they are thugs, surely the time for me to depart the world has arrived. Perhaps it’s the only best answer God has for me, to rest in peace.

A knock from the door calls Tiro out beneath the bed, however, he starts by taking a white sheet from his slanting brown wardrobe. He closes me with it, but it’s transparent. I see everything sans removing it, then walks away from me and opens the door. Shock caches him!

Finally! I can feel the fresh air from outside. Two men are standing at the door, wearing navy clothes and standing tall, and firmly gripping guns.

“We have found you treacherous man, Tiro Malobela, you’re under arrest for committing five counts of rape yesterday.

Huh! Indeed I threw myself into a monster, as a result, I learnt in a hard way. While he’s still engulfed by the hard surprise. I remove the sheet from my body. I’m also opening a case!