As Mr. Dikobe parks his Benz on the driveway of his double storey house he spots someone on his front porch, knocking on his door. He wipes off his tears, sees that the knocking man is Issac. Sees his red Nissan van parked nearby. They meet and get inside the house. “How are you,sir?” Isaac asks.

“I still don’t know where my baby girl is so how do you think I am,” says Mr. Dikobe.

“I’m sorry,” Isaac says.

“I go to the police to ask them how far are they in the investigation and they still haven’t gotten anything. It’s just promise after promise. I don’t know what to do right now,” Mr. Dikobe says. Isaac looks down. He’d offer words of comfort but he knows Mr. Dikobe has heard too much of that. Saying them will be like poaring diesel to the fire.

“I just came to check up on you,” Isaac says. He’s been nothing but supportive since Portia’s disappearance became township knowledge. He had even helped in plugging the neighborhood walls with the posters of missing Portia.

“Thanks. Would you like a drink? Something to eat?” Mr. Dikobe asks.

“No, I’m fine,” Isaac says.

Mr. Dikobe gets a whiff smell out of him. “You are ate fried chips, huh?” He says.

“Yeah,” Isaac smiles, “bread and chips,” he says.

The phone rings, Mr. Dikobe picks up. “James Dikobe speaking, hello?” The caller on the other line tells him that there’s a new body in the morgue of a teenage girl and it matches the descriptions of Portia.

“Oh, God,” Mr. Dikobe says after the call is over.

“What is it? Who called?” Isaac asks.

“Some lady. Says another unidentified corpse in the morgue. They called me to come check if–”

“Sir, don’t say it. Don’t even think about it,” Isaac says.

The two drive all the way to the morgue with their separate cars, Isaac drove in his red Nissan van.
“Her body was found in the veld last night. With no I.D, no phone, no numbers, we don’t know her yet. Another Jane Doe,” the white female Medical Examiner says and sighs. “Vaginal swabs reveal two types of semen. Which means she was raped by more than one guy then she was stabbed in the chest,” she says.

She leads both Isaac and Mr. Dikobe to the fridges where the bodies are kept. She pulls the cold drawer a naked girl with three holes in her left side of her chest is revealed. She’s cold and pale. She has the same relaxed black hairstyle as Portia, same cheeks positioning, same nose but she appears taller and there’s a butterfly tattoo underneath her right breast.

“No,” Mr. Dikobe says. He shakes his head. “This is not Portia. Thank God.”

Tell us: Do you think one day the body will be Portia?