Lisa arrived home safe. Her father was about to send a search party to go and search for her because he was worried. He was happy to see his daughter coming home safe.

Moipone saw that Lisa came back home safe. Lisa didn’t care about what her stepmother did to her, she showed them her fancy coat and jewellery and told them everything. Moipone was very jealous and ashamed. And so she left with her two daughters to look for the Old Man.

But because they were mean and rude to him, the Old Man droped a bunch snow on top of them. The started to feel very cold. They ran back to the cottage when they got there they found their bags outside and a carriage waiting for them. Moshoeshoe was sitting in the porch around the fireplace with his daughter. Moipone and her daughters went to them and insulted them, Moshoeshoe told Moipone that he is very disappointed and she can’t let a woman who endangered his daughter’s life , live with them.

And so Moipone and her daughters sadly got into the carriage left.

Then Moshoeshoe and Lisa lived happily ever after again.