One day old Moshoeshoe realised that his daughter is growing in to a young lady and soon she’ll be married, and so he will be lonely. He then called his daughter Lisa.

Lisa was a very kind,loving and caring young lady. She had a heart so beautiful as Spring flowers and was her outer beauty.

Lisa came in to where her father was sitting. “My daughter…”said Moshoeshoe with a very polite yet low voice.

“Yes father, what is wrong with you? You seem worried?”

“It’s been years since your mother passed away and I think it’s now time we move on from what happened and heal from her death” Moshoeshoe said whilst looking at his beautiful daughter who seemed to understand, yet had a bit of confusion in her eyes.

“Father I understand what you are saying. I was worried you’ll never heal from Mother’s death, am glad you finally took a path of healing” said Lisa in a very polite voice.

“So here is the bigger issue I want to tell you, now that you are a young woman…” he said as with a stutterr-ry like voice.

“I..I want to marry again. Because now am becoming lonely” said Moshoeshoe

“Okay father those are good news. It would be nice to have a third person here.”said Lisa happily

“So have found the lucky woman?”Lisa asked teasing her Father.

“No sweetheart. But I’ll make sure I tell you as soon as I find the one”Moshoeshoe said with a big smile on his face.

The bond between these two was very tight. Moshoeshoe loved his daughter so much that he could tell her everything fit for her ears.