Arriving home brought back all the memories. The fight between mom and dad. The anger I had for my dad. How could he disown us like that. I mean we are his children his blood. This clearly shows that he never loved mom. Mom was still in the same situation as before. After all these years I hoped she would heal but she didn’t. Her situation escalated from bad to worse. And truly speaking I hate my dad for that. I continuously read the invitation. After doing some chores there I was reading this invitation. To me reading this was like a hot burnt iron was forcefully pushed down my throat. Regardless of how my heart ached I read the invitation over and over.

I even forgot to prepare food for Hope and Roy since they’ll be back from school. As I sat looking at the invitation Roy and Hope came in arguing about going to dad’s wedding. Hope suggested we go but Roy opposed. They then approached me and saw that I still had the invitation. Roy then said, “We don’t really have to go to this wedding besides wedding vows could be said whether we are present or not.” Mom got out of the room. She then said, “You’ll all be going to the wedding and that’s final”. I looked at her and then asked: “What about you?”.

Mom didn’t answer my question and went back to her room. “I’m not going to that wedding,” Roy said in disgust. “Well we’ll all have to be there, after all Alpha’s word is final,” I said and we all laughed. I told Roy and Hope to change their school uniform while I personally prepare a meal for them. While I was busy chopping the onion I cried. Mother came out of the room and saw me in tears. She laughed I then turned around to look. I haven’t heard that laughter for the past 2 years. To me it was like I’m hearing it for the first time. How I missed my mother’s laughter.

She had changed clothes. She was wearing a dress I bought for her as a birthday present last year. She looked beautiful in it. She looked different. I was shocked to see her wearing a different colour. “Onions still give you a hard time,” she said with a smile. ” I just can’t get used to this onion cutting,” I said and we both laughed. She asked where my siblings were and before I could answer her those two rats came in.

“Now that you are all here. Let’s go out for lunch. Fortunate you wash your hands I wouldn’t want to go with someone smelling onions”. I ran towards the sink to wash my hands as fast as I could. I wouldn’t want my mother to change her mind. I looked at my outfit and thought I’m just going for lunch with my family this outfit is perfect. We then got in my mother’s car which she got as a birthday present from my dad 5 years ago. She used public transport to work this past two years and her reason was visible enough.

We then went to Bronkhorstspruit and went to KFC. Roy chose it and made a deal with Hope that she would choose next time. I ordered a twister, dunked wings and fries. Roy and Hope ordered burgers and a bucket for one. It wasn’t a surprise that they chose the same meal. They always do mainly because they are twins and loved similar meals. My mom just ordered a street wise 2, fries and 4 drinks. We ate while making jokes. It was so fun seeing mom happy. She then told me she decided to get counseling. Finally a drastic step to healing taken by mom.

We then went to buy pizza for supper then went home. When we got home we saw our father’s car parked outside. Mom’s facial expression didn’t change I expected her to react but she didn’t. When we went inside we saw dad standing outside. “Where were you Letty? You know how long I’ve waited here and Nate when did you come back you usually tell me when you are coming home,” Agustine said. I thought mom would apologize for making him wait but what she said next took me by surprise.

“Augustine I’m not your wife neither am I your child I don’t have to tell you about my whereabouts in fact that question you are asking me you should be asking Lerato isn’t she your fiance? As for Fortunate’s arrival that you would have known if you played your role as her father if I may ask when was the last time you called her or even asked how she was doing? You are such a hypocrite I’m quite sure Lerato doesn’t even know you are here. Or does she?” Mom paused waiting for a response but got none. “Oh silence means she doesn’t know. Please let her know that you were here. Besides I have neighbours who are very good friends of hers I’m sure she knows by now”.

Embarrassed dad then said ” we shouldn’t be having such a conversation in front of the kids could we talk in private? You look pretty in this dress; the colour suits you perfectly”. Mom then asked us to get inside to have the adult talk. We went inside their conversation lasted for about 30 minutes and Augustine left. What a coward he didn’t even say goodbye to us. At least he should’ve explained why he did what he did to me. We had supper later that day and called it a day.

Mom attended her counselling for the first time. She came back happier than ever. Days were passing by so fast that it was already the interview day. I had no clothes to wear, no money for transport and didn’t even have a slight idea how I would get to the interview by 12h00. I knew then that I have failed; myself maybe if I made it to the interview I would’ve answered every question perfectly and Christopher would cast aside the grudge and I would get the learnership. Dad ruined my life by doing nothing. What was I going to do.