I got back to the res and found Nicole in tears. First time seeing her cry like this. I dropped my backpack on the floor and went to her bed. I sat next to her. I gently brushed her back. Nicole has always been so happy always cheering me up. Today she is the one who needs some cheering up but I don’t know where to start. After seeing that she felt a little better. I then gathered some courage I have to be strong for her.

“Would you like to talk about it?” I asked in a soft voice. ” I better not. Talking about it would make it worse,” Nicole said lying on the bed. I felt so helpless I didn’t know what was bothering her; how was I supposed to help her now. I instantly remembered what Nicole always says when I’m down. A BIT OF JUNK FOOD WIPES THE TEARS AWAY. I pulled her and forced her to come with me.

We went to this shop selling bunny chows. I ordered two bunny chows. After getting our order. We took a walk silently. We finished our meal. Nicole suggested we go to this bar. We walked to the bar. It was classy not like the taverns from my hood. We bought two beers and two ciders. I don’t like beer so I drank the ciders. We drank all that then Nicole bought cocktails. She kept saying: keep them coming. I only drank few but Nicole didn’t stop drinking. Around 12 o’ clock I thought she has had enough.

I insisted we leave. We left but Nicole was so drunk. I was drunk but not as compared to her. She could barely walk. I had to support her. When walking she kept asking if she wasn’t good enough, if she ever cheated on Bradley. Apparently this Bradley guy broke up with her. Nicole loved him so much. I can’t even count all the guys she had turned down just to prove she loved him. I was tired and drunk. I felt dizzy and I had to get Nicole back.

Out of nowhere Christopher came. The events of that moment were just a blur. I only remember waking up next to Nicole in this fancy room. I didn’t recognise the room. I woke up and got out of the bed. Nicole was still sleeping. I looked at myself. Realised I still had my clothes on. What a relief. As I was about to leave the room I bumped into Christopher. “I’m sorry I’m still dizzy I didn’t see you there” I said. ” So you know how to apologize.” He said with a smile. He had a pretty smile.

“I apologize when I know I’m wrong” I said with a smile. He then looked at the bed and giggled “your friend is still sleeping” he said. “Yeah she drank too much yesterday” I said. Christopher then said, “Breakfast would be served to you take a bath then eat something I’m going to a meeting and please don’t leave before I come back. I have to take you guys back”. I thought silently ‘ that’s so thoughtful Christopher then left. I woke Nicole up. We took a bath had breakfast then we left. I know he said I should wait for him but I had classes to attend to and I left a note

“”I’m sorry I left even after you told me I had to wait for you.

Thank you for yesterday

NB I did take a bath and I had breakfast


I attended classes as usual. Nicole left for Cape Town immediately after attending meanwhile I called Roy. He was so excited to hear my voice. We talked about the situation at home and then he gave Hope the phone. Roy was hesitant to talk about dad but Hope told me exactly what was going on. She mentioned dad coming over with Rose and trying to make mom uncomfortable. They decided to personally invite us to their wedding. And they are expecting a child. Dad made it clear that he wouldn’t support us financially because he have new responsibilities. His new wife and child. To him we were nothing.

During that call I discovered that dad has not paid for my fees and res for the past 6 months. After this disturbing call. There was a knock. I went to attend to that. Security carried a letter of eviction and my grace period was over I had to leave in 2 days time. I didn’t know I was being evicted before. Dad probably knew about this but he didn’t bother telling me. I was so embarrassed; girls from the next room were laughing. I packed up and left the following day. I left Nicole messages about my eviction.