Nicole laughed at me. My day was ruined already. So we had to go back to res. When we reached the res I threw myself on the bed. Nicole was busy making food silently. She then turned to look at me with the I have a question look. I gave the go ahead to ask me whatever she wanted to ask me. I just hope it’s not about that grumpy man. ” When was the last time you checked your emails?”. I sat up and gave her all my attention. ” I don’t really know. I never got the chance to check out my mails besides I haven’t had data for about three weeks,” I said. She then replied, ” Well I went through your emails. I know it’s so wrong to go through your emails but I came across this mail you really need to know about”. Surprised as I was I then asked what mail was she talking about. “

Remember you applied for a learnership about a month ago?” Her facial expression told me that I wouldn’t like what she would say next. ” You are among those who have been chosen to partake in this interview that would determine if you get the learnership or not. The interviews would be held on Friday next week so you have six days to prepare,” she said. I jumped out of the bed to give a tight hug to show my gratitude. “That’s not all.” she said. “The interviews would be conducted by Mr Christopher Shelton himself.” “Christopher Shelton the CEO of …” I screemed in excitement. Nicole couldn’t hold it in as she laughed out loud.

” What am I going to wear for the interview?” Nicole looked at me. ” Nicole would you be my fairy godmother again this time and lend me a dress?” I pitifully asked. Nicole winked at me then said, ” I’ll buy you a new dress that would make Mr Shelton not to belittle you. After today’s incident I’m pretty sure he’s not going to be understanding”. “Today’s incident? Do you mean that the grumpy man that ruined my dress is Mr Christopher Shelton?” I asked feeling ashamed. “Yes he is,” Nicole replied. I jumped on my bed and covered myself with the duvet. ‘I’m so done,’ I thought silently. My future depended on a man that I reprimanded earlier today and chances are slight. What am I going to do now? ” I’m not going for the interview,” I said. Nicole laughed at me. “Yes you are going for the interview,” Nicole said that with a laugh.

I couldn’t sleep at night. To pass time by I opened up Nicole’s laptop, hit Google and started searching ‘Christopher Shelton’. A successful businessman who became a millionaire at the age 16. He designed the couples bracelet with a tracker that could track the matching bracelet and figure out the feelings of the partner who wore the matching bracelet. How creative; all this achievements at such a tender age. No wonder he’s so successful, his family is filthy rich. His father has shares in many companies and his mother is royalty. Oh I’ll be sitting with the grandson of the Queen of England. Now I’m not going to the interview.

Took a glimpse at his pictures. Now I can see his real beauty. He’s pale, blonde haired, has blue eyes; he’s muscular and his lips are so tempting. Few pictures are of him and this girl Angelica Paign. Probably his girlfriend or fiance I don’t really care. Other than that no other pictures of him and other girls. I think they look good together but I’m feeling uneasy. Why am I feeling like this?

The following day Nicole woke me up. Turns out I slept with the laptop on and obviously Nicole saw what I was watching. ” Someone’s catching feelings,” she said mocking me. ” I’m not catching any feelings mockingbird,” I said ignoring her. Took a few of my bathing equipment and off I went to bath. Came back to find Nicole talking on her phone. I changed clothes and told her I was leaving she didn’t respond. The phone call was probably important. I left her to it.

I went to the bus stop to catch a bus to campus. I decided to go early so public transport would be best besides the TUT bus came later. As I was waiting for a bus I got thinking. Mostly about yesterday’s incident with Christopher. A car parked right in front of me. A voice from the car said: “Get in; I’ll take you to wherever it is you are going”. I turned to look around me but no one was there; whoever was talking was directly talking to me. “Me?” I asked. ” Yes you,” the voice said.

I got closer to the white Masarati with brown leather seats and looked at the driver. ” Oh Mr Shelton it’s you” I said. He smiled then said, “So you know who I am?” I boldly answered, “yes I know who you are so when are you planning on replacing the dress you ruined?”. “I’m not here for the dress.” He said. ” Get in”. Boldly I said ” No the bus I’m waiting for here can take me to wherever it is I was going even if the bus couldn’t make it. I’d gladly take the bus provided by our varsity so thank you”.

He got out of the car holding an A4 envelope and he gave it to me. He was not wearing formal clothes. He was wearing exercising clothes and Nike snickers. He gave me the envelope. I hesitated before opening it but eventually I opened it. There was my application letter for the learnership and some documents of my previous achievements and a copy of my identity document and papers with a lot of information about me.

“Why are you giving this to me?” I asked. “To remind you about the interview on Friday” he said. He then took back the envelope and got in his car. “Don’t be late,” he said driving away. How rude he didn’t say hi to me. A goodbye would have been nice a tleast. Are all rich people this arrogant? He has good looks but his behaviour is not as good as he looks. The bus arrived shortly after he left.