Girls are like cars you can test drive most of them but buy neither. The reasons why most cars remain in the dealership can differ. It can happen that after some time test driving the car you realise the faults of that car. It can happen that the car isn’t the model you wanted all along. After so many failed relationships I realised that I’m just not the car for keeps.

It took me several failed relationships to realise that I suck at keeping a relationship, technically I’m not a relationship kinda person. With that conclusion made I decided to further my studies and leave the relationship business to people who are keen on being in a relationship. Doing my third year in Tshwane university of technology, doing computer science, has been the best decision in my life. I got my freedom the day I decided to leave home in order to be closer to school.

I don’t really like my home. Despite my annoying siblings Hope and Roy, mom alone didn’t make it easier for me. I understand that she still loves my dad who happens to be her ex-husband but her behaviour is of a teenager who just had her first break up. Augustine (my father) left my mom for her long time best friend Rose. This broke my mother’s heart. She changed from being our bubbly hair-brained mother to a heartbroken widow. She locked herself in her room most of the time and wore only black clothes.

My mother’s behaviour drained all the energy left after my heart break. Solly didn’t just break my heart he erased the idea of love in my mind. He engaged my ex-best friend Lerato in front of me. He didn’t even wait to break up with me he just engaged. Practically I was just a bridge used to get him closer to Lerato. And his plan worked perfectly. I ended my relationship with Solly and ended my friendship with Lerato.

In the past two years at varsity I learnt to let bygones be bygones. I met Nicole Williams. She’s a white girl with a good background. I hate her taste in music and she doesn’t like my kind of music either. RnB for her is music for people who are old Skool. Besides our differences we are good friends. She doesn’t like my mentality of love not existing. She constantly set me up on blind dates. They all ended badly. Of course I’m the one to blame.

For my home(res) coming she planned a friendship date. We would go shopping and buy fashionable clothes. She likes shopping and fashion; me on the other hand not so much. Well she bought me a dress matching with her’s “friendship goals”. She insisted I put on make up but I refused. I hate make up. I just did pony tail on my hair extensions braid. Just put on a lip gloss and of we went to a mall using public transport. Nicole’s parents took away her car after discovering the ticket of drinking and driving which she hid from them. I didn’t know white people could be that strict.

When we reached the mall. Nicole insisted I go buy milkshakes at this restaurant. As I came with the milkshakes a tall pale white dude came out of nowhere and bumped into me. He was wearing a suit, probably expensive. He had glasses on and a watch; he was neat. In his hand he had an iPhone. I can’t remember clearly which model because I was furious. My new dress was ruined. Instead of apologising he shouted at me. Asking if I’m blind. I couldn’t hold it in. I spat vernom with my words.

“Sorry did you just ask if I was blind? Listen you just ruined my new dress because of your carelessness and instead of apologising for bumping into me you are blaming me. How rude,” I said in disgust. “Do you know who I am? Do you know how much this designer suit cost?” he asked. “I don’t care who you are; you could be the president of the United States of America, that won’t matter to me as long as you are wrong you should apologize and as for the suit that’s your fault that it’s ruined. You should’ve watched where you are going,” I said loudly.

After few minutes there was a crowd watching and some were taking videos. Nicole came out of the crowd and apologised to that rude man. “Why are you apologising to him?” I asked Nicole. “Do you know who he is?” Nicole said and then turned to look at him. ” I’m sorry, my friend doesn’t like crowded places; forgive her”. She held my hand. “It’s okay maybe you could teach your friend some sense of humour,” the rude man said. “Hey?!” I said to the rude man. Before I could say more Nicole pulled me and led me to the bathroom. “Nicole you shouldn’t have done that,” I said while wiping the milkshake off my dress. ” Natey do you know who that man is?” Nicole asked. “Who is he?” I asked.