*I just woke up and yesterday I was so drunk I don’t even know how I got to bed. *

Tessa:(yawning)W.. What… David get the hell out of my bed.

David:After what happened last night.

Tessa:(Gets out of bed)I can’t believe this.

Charlet:(Comes in)Tessa You were a good girl last night.

Tessa:That’s probably the reason dad left y.. (sobbing)Cause you are a Bitch.

Charlet:(Hits her)Don’t Piss Me off plz do not.(Shouting)

Tessa:(crying)I’m going to find my dad.

Charlet:After u made money.

David:Okay so this is tense.

Tessa:Just shut up both of u. If I wanted I would open a case on both of u.

* I just took a bath wore a Jean and a shirt than went to Lisa’s house. *

Lisa:Oh my gosh friend it’s unbilivable that your mom would do such a thing.

Tessa:Yeah I know plus I’ve decided to go and find my dad