*It’s been 4 hours straight since we started working and I’m so hungry I didn’t even pack food with me. *


David:(Comes in)What a beautiful voice u have there young lady.

Terrisa:Omgosh I’m so sorry.

David:For what.?

Terrisa:Idk actually cause no one has ever heard me singing.

David:Well it’s nice to meet u my name is David and urs is.?

Terrisa:Terrisa but everyone calls me Tessa.

David:Okay Tessa(Gets closer) You see if you could let me take u out for dinner tonight u won’t ha..

Charlet:(Comes in)Whats going on here.?

Tessa:Mom I’m going next door.

Charlet:So you like my daughter.?

David:If u would give me your daughter every night I would change ur life.

Charlet:Then it’s a deal.

*We went home and my mom made dinner while I was taking a shower. *