As soon as he saw my face his gaze turned dark and a frown began to form on his face. He looked at me for quite a while and suddenly he snapped at me. “What are you doing here?” he shouted. My head nearly hit the ceiling as I jumped in shock. ” I…. I.. I” that’s the only sound that came out of my mouth. ” I said what are you doing here?” he shouted again. “I am your we.. wedding planner”. Finally, I was able to get those words out.

Anger was written all over his face, his face turned bright red as if he was about to explode. “Who gave you that position?” He asked. ” My friend, I mean partner Cecilia gave me the position after she got involved in an accident, she is unable to work so as her partner I have to help her.” I said trying to keep my voice firm cause there was a big lump stuck on my throat. I felt like crying… no no no I felt like turning on my heels and running out of this building that instant but instead I stood there with my feet nailed to the floor and my heart on my throat.

He looked at me from head to toe and toe to head, “Come in” he said walking into the room. He was furious but I had no choice I had to do this, I have to be their wedding planner cause if I am able to pull this off, our company could grow. Firstly they were famous and secondly they were rich and had many rich friends who will be attending the wedding, so that would be a great opportunity to showcase my skills and get more clients.” I cannot let Cecilia down, I have to do this.” I reminded myself, “she’s counting on me”.

I released a sigh and walked in. “Sit down.” he demanded. Just before I could land my butt on the leather covered sofa he shouted “On the floor!” “What?” I asked in confusion. “I said sit down, on-the – floor.” He hissed between clenched teeth. “No!” I protested. An evil grin appeared on his face, “No?? He repeated.” Did you just say no to me? ” ” Yes I did ” I answered firmly, trying to block him from tearing my heart apart with his attitude and behavior.

” Do you like your job? ” he asked.” Yes “I answered.” If you really like your job you will have to do everything I tell you to do, without any complaints. ” his gaze turned darker than before and he leaned closer to my ear and whispered,” Do you know why? ” ” Why? ” I asked with a trembling voice as I force my throat to swallow the saliva that was filling my mouth.” Because your career depends on me.Now, sit down on the floor like I told you to.”In that instant I dropped to the floor and kneeled.” Sit on your butt and fold your legs like a five year old would.” he said looking over his shoulder. I did as he told me because I didn’t have a choice I promise Cecilia and I can’t break my promise.

We went through everything and finished it, as soon as he dismissed me I stood up and left without saying goodbye with my but feeling painful and cold as if I was sitting on ice. I was planning to stay till the photoshoot was done but I no longer had the audacity to stay. So I ran out of the building got into my car and left, as soon as I entered the house I let out a loud and painful scream, then tears began to fall down my cheeks, ruining my make up. I cried uncontrollably all evening.

When I broke up with Chase I thought that I had closed that chapter of my life and I was going to start afresh, but I didn’t know what to do when he came back into my life to do what he had vowed to do nine months ago… and that’s to ruin my life and turn it into living hell.

Days went by and he continued bullying me, he made me do things that were supposed to be done by other people, he turned me into anything he wanted, his assistant, hairdresser, his delivery guy and any other position he wished to put me in. Well, as for Brooke, she continued being mean to me, she talked to me in anyway that she desired. My life was a mess. I felt confused, angry, stressed and depressed.

The wedding was in two weeks and I was all over town looking for wedding venues suitable for Brooke and her standards. I was busy as a bee, I became unhealthy, I skipped meals, drank too much coffee and energy drinks, I lost sleep,I relied on fast food, I worked 24/7 with no rest. I looked horrible , eyebags were forming under my eyes, I gained weight, I looked like a zombie.