Work is the only place where I can find peace and happiness. I love going to work more than staying at home because at work I meet new amazing people and I am proud of myself because I always bring happiness to my clients but at home the only thing I do is to judge myself for all the bad choices that I made before. One that I regret the most is dating Chase Watterson , heir to the multi-billion empire owned by Daniel Watterson. I didn’t pay attention to it until it almost cost me the most important thing to me…my job.


It was Monday and I was supposed to meet up with new my client, Brooke Knowles. I am a wedding planner and I work for Beli and Cece Weddings, a wedding planning company that I created with my friend Cecilia. Cecilia was the one who was supposed to be Brooke’s planner but she wasn’t able to do so because she was seriously injured after being involved in an accident a few weeks back. She asked me to take over and I agreed because she was a good friend and she used to help me when I needed her to help. So in other words I was returning the favor.

I arrived at the restaurant that we were supposed to meet and I saw her. She was wearing a very beautiful leopard printed Louis Vuitton dress the hugged her tiny waist. She match the perfect dress with a pair of black Louis Vuitton block heels and styled her smooth brunette hair into a simple bun. Brooke Knowles was like one of the Victorian Secrete models, she was a masterpiece. She was also one of the wealthiest women in the whole country and she was engaged to one of the billionaires in the country. Well… that’s it with rich people, they never marry anyone who cannot fit their financial status.

I entered the restaurant and headed to her table. When I arrived at the table she looked irritated and before I could say anything she snapped. “You’re late!You made me wait for 30 minutes! I wasted my time waiting for you to arrive! Do you know who I am?? You made me cancel important meetings, why?? Just so that you can waste my time, making me wait for you to arrive?!


She shouted very loudly that everyone who was in the restaurant stopped whatever they were doing and looked at us. “I am sorry for being so late Miss Knowles, I got stuck in traffic on Melody Road . It’s very hectic on Mondays and my apologies for wasting your time.” I said with a polite and soothing voice trying to hold my self together. “I brought the list of all the wedding venues and I have already talked with the producer of Richies Magazine about the upcoming photo shoot, all you have to do is give me the dates and I will tell them everything you want.” She barrow a whole through me with her blue eyes before replying.” I have already talked to my fiance and he agreed to do the photo shoot with me and we agreed that it would be great if we were to do it this coming Wednesday. “” Noted” I said with enthusiasm. As soon as we were done with everything she took her belongings and dash out of the restaurant and disappeared without saying anything.


I went back home since I had nothing to do for the rest of the day and tomorrow, so I began searching for the perfect wedding gowns that I thought Brooke could love on the internet. As I was searching I ended up coming across to one of my pictures with Chase. He was my ex-boyfriend and after a breakup I never looked back, so I had deleted each and every picture that we had together and I threw away all of the things that he had bought for me but I can’t remember how come I didn’t delete this picture.


Our relationship had started off right. We met at college and we became good friends and after being friends one thing led to another and after a year we became lovers. He was so sweet and romantic. He was tall and he had a tanned muscular body, raven black hair, brown eyes and a firm face. He was every girl’s dream, he was a like fantasy. Things began to change after I met his parents. They did not seem to be happy with him dating someone who was a middle class citizen, actually they hated me.

I remember one day when I had went to their house for dinner, they had their chef to prepare a lot of exotic dishes. To show how much they hated me, they invited one of Chase’s ex – girlfriends who was the daughter of a Minister to the same dinner. I told Chase about what his parents were doing but he told me to ignore them. The bullying went on but I couldn’t take it anymore so I just called it quits and ended our relationship. Chase was heart broken and he even took a vow to make my life living hell for breaking his heart.


I turned off my laptop and went straight to bed. Tomorrow I had nothing to do, so I got enough time to finish my work and go to the hospital to visit Cecilia. I missed her so much. She was the only person who knew me better than anyone else in the world. She understood everything about me and she was really supportive when I was dealing with the bullying by Chase’s parents.


Time seemed to be moving really fast because in like a blink of an eye hours passed and it was already Wednesday. I woke up early in the morning and took a shower. I made sure to choose one of my best outfits, which was my yellow pencil heels, my black Balenciaga shirt and my white two pieces LV suit. I then tied my hair into a long blonde ponytail and wore my favorite Revlon hot plum lipstick.


The photo shoot was to take place in the Blue Pearl Hotel and I arrived there at 6:30. I was early by one hour but the Richies Magazine crew was already on the set. After two hours Brooke arrived with her stylists and they went to her changing room. On her way to the changing room she called me and said “My fiance is in room 102 C and he wants to meet up with you. He wants to discuss the wedding costs with you. Now hurry up and go.” As soon as she turned I took off in search of room 102 C and after a few minutes I found it on the top floor. I went to it and pressed the bell on the door. After ringing the bell a few times I heard footsteps pounding on the wooden floor and after a small beep on the door it opened.


You wouldn’t believe what I saw… Even I couldn’t believe it. Chase was standing at the door, he was looking at me. Chase was Brooke’s fiancee.