This is a story about a girl called thandeka who has brains and beauty but you cannot have them all

The children of Hillbrow High School just got their reports and among them its Thandeka Mazibuko a very clever girl.The problem with this clever it is that she likes boys.

“My girl please make me proud even if am no longer with you” said Lwazi,Thandeka’s mom.”Don’t worry ma am a very focused girl”said Thandeka.

Thw next day Thandeka went to school and she met with her boyfriend who is a very play boy.

“Hi thabo my love” said thandeka.

“Hello baby”answered Thabo

“So baby i thought about your request,today am yours”

“Oh really baby i never thought this day would come” she doesn’t know whats coming her way thought thabo

That after school they went to thabo’s place and Thandrka got a call from her ex bestfriend and she told her that Thabo is up to no good but she did not listen but instead slept with thabo

1 week later she started having symptoms of a pregnant person ,she went to the chinic and found out she was pregnant and HIV positive.

After telling her mom, Lwazi died from heart attack