Andile mutters in astonishment. He clicks the copy phone and it shows the same sunflower wallpaper of the original phone. He goes to the contacts; it has the same numbers. He presses the music app, it has the same songs as the first phone.

Andile mutters words of bewilderment again. He opens his eyes wide, trying to push the sleepiness away. Indeed he has two Huawei phones now. He returns the phone to the machine, presses the 3 button, the scan occurs, three phones come out. The first, original phone rings. “Hello,” he says.

“Hey, it’s Nick. I’m still waiting for the pictures.”

“You know what, there’s been a misunderstanding. I’m no longer selling the machine. Bye,” then Andile hangs up. He has five phones now, a similar amount he could’ve taken from the store instead. He looks at the machine. Looks like he made the right choice with what he took. Now he has a better thing to put inside this photocopy machine which appears to not only copy that. He dashes to his wallet and takes out that R50 he should’ve paid for candles with.

He puts the money in and presses the 3 button five times. R50 notes come gushing out to the floor like a waterfall. “Oh my God!” He happily screams. There’s a knock on the door. “Who is it?” He says.

“It’s Lebo.”

“I’m coming,” Andile gently kicks the money under the bed as more R50 notes stream out of the machine. Now the floor looks pink. He unlocks the door and opens.

Tell us: what do you think is going to happen?