When they arrived at home, Emihle’s mom went straight to bed. Later at night Emihle heard her father shouting,”I heard you have been called at school what has that child of yours done!” Screamed her father. “She didn’t do anything” said her mom , until she was beaten brutally.


Emihle was very scared and got out of the house in the middle of the night to seek help. She was wearing a very bright, white night dress, her brown hair was undone. Emihle saw four men approaching her and they looked like they were coming to her. Emihle was very scared.


One of the men said “this is the ghost” the other one said “no, this person is alive” then one of them took out a knife and scratched her. Emihle didn’t care, anyway she was ready to die , so she just looked at them. The men got scared and ran away. They thought she was a ghost. Emihle arrived at her uncle’s place and she and her mother got help.

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