Emihle was a 14 year old whom was never happy. There was always noise at her home. She always heard her father shouting and her mother screaming and things breaking at the background. “What is happening in there?”asked Emihle as she was banging on the door. “Go to sleep my dear, me and your dad are just watching tv” said Emihle’s mother trying to convince her to go to sleep.

On the following day they would act normally as if nothing happened. Her mother would prepare her for school and act as if everything is fine. Emihle was traumatised and started to behave badly at school.

“Where is my homework?!”said the teacher who was looking straight into her eyes as she was shouting. “I..I…I” Emihle stuttered. “I’m going to call your parents” said the teacher walking out of the class.

Tell us:what do you think is going to happen after calling Emihle’s parents