From that night he and Zoey Nkosi became online friends. To his surprise, she didn’t lose interest in chatting with him like most girls did. There was a time where his phone was nothing more than just a supplement to his gloom through the sad rap songs, but as time went by, he forgot about those songs and spent more time on Facebook; love songs were needed. He sent her monkey numerous times.

His online friendship with Zoey became so intimate they texted each other about everything (he was surprised and happy when she told him she’s single) life, family, dreams, secrets; he once told her about his suicide attempt. He used Facebook entirely for her.

 > so when do I get ur number???


                              < not now Themba

> just wanna hear ur voice. I’m tired of typing πŸ˜­

 > Zoey?? U there??

                                                      < yah

                                                        < πŸ’”

 > what now??

Friendz going out & I can’t join them <

 > why not?

No money <

 > tell me how much. Dont worry I’ll send πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ


 > Do I sound like I’m joking??

No but you’ve sent me 2 much money already <

 > dont be ridiculous Zoey send ur bank accost or u want e-wallet like last time?

E wallet<

> OK. How much?

And every time she was offline everything would be a bore to Themba. He’d be the one who instigates the chats by texting her first. He’d ask for her numbers again and again, but she would tell him she’s not ready yet to give him that. She’d make up for the delay by sending him her latest selfies.

“What are you smiling at, wena?” Uncle Jobe would ask and try to snatch the phone from Themba.

“Nothing, nothing,” Themba would say while trying to control his blush. The selfie pics. Her pics. No guy would resist to smile at such photos when they are sent to him. Thamba used one of them as a wallpaper. The way he was now acting, grandma Nozi was convinced he had found himself a girlfriend. “When will I see her?” She would occasionally ask. “Umakoti. I must see her. Promise me, Themba.”

 > give me you address I need 2 C U.

Why? πŸ˜‚ <

 > come on Zoey. We been chatting for so many weeks now. Aren’t you bored? We need to meet and see each other. U don’t even want 2 give me ur phone numbers. If u don’t want with your address then at least let’s meet meet somewhere

Relax <

 > 8696A kula street pimville

Manje?? <

 > my home address angithi u don’t want with yours. 

OK <

 > so when will u come.

I don’t know. <

 > come on Zoey πŸ™„πŸ™„

I’ll surprise you don’t worry. I know where your college is. I’ll come. <

Themba also gave her his phone numbers so that she can be the one who calls him.

I don’t have airtime <

 > what network do u use??


 > *141*5762897598542# call me please πŸ™

Wow thank you. <

She stored the R50 airtime but never called him.