I pushed him. You don’t want this in a hard way,he said. I tried running but he held ans pushed me on the bed then locked the door. Help!somebody help me please! I screamed for help. He then hit me, I became I became red(I’m lightskinned). He beated me so hard in a way that I became weak. While doing so my vagina started bleeding he caredless. He was groaning in pleasure. I am now weaker,Gogo help me,please!. That’s when my uncle’s wife knocked,from there I got an opportunity to scream for help.

Nosipho!she called my name. Malume Help me he’s raping me, I said. She then tried breaking my bedroom’s door but then she remembered that she had spare key. When she opened, I can tell that she was shocked also disappointed .

My husband,she said while tears where streaming down her face. I lost lot of blood. Boom light off for me. I then woke up in hospital

She’s awake the doctor said,two police officers walked in. They asked me how I’m feeling?How all this happened. I told them everything while crying .

Where is he right now?, I asked with anger . My uncle’s wife walked in,her clothes were covered by blood. He’s dead, tears found a way out in her eyes, I killed him. She then hugged me, sorry for leaving you there all alone. She said and kissed my forehead