Well I was about to sleep when I heard a knock,who could it be at this hour? I thought to myself. ‘Nosipho open the door it’s cold out here’, I knew it was my uncle’s voice. So I opened the ‘door,un..uncle’ I said. I said while questioning myself.Well he entered and I closed the door. After that I went straight to my room. I then decided to take a quick bath after all it’s still early (19:00pm). I then went the bathroom, I was realxing, thinking till I doze of. But I woke up cause the water were cold now. When I checked the time it was (20:30pm). I then went straight to my room then wear a gown and got undercover. I closed my eyes, I was half asleep when I heard the door of my room opens. But it felt more like a dream. So I didn’t open my eyes to check who it was. I heard someone climbing on the bed so I opened my eyes only to see my uncle.Uhmm un..uncled! I said thag while terrified .Shhh!My dear niece you owe remember? He said while he got in the blanket . I..I..I owe you what do you mean I said so while I’m scared. Yes you owe me ,you killed my sister and I’m giving you a shelter,food as well as education he said while touching me,in an uncomfortable way. Bu..u.t*i was stuttering*