Hey! My name is Nosipho Biyela,15 years old. Im living with my uncle , his wife and children . I don’t have a mother. Well i was told she died after giving birth to me. Before living with my uncle, i was living with my grandmother until God decided to take her away from me. Before granny died, she gave me a bible saying I should read it, she also gave me a necklace and a notepad. Well I never took off the necklace cause it’s special to me.

Back to reality:

It’s in the morning,oh God thanks,the school are closed. I woke up did my morning routine. So my uncle announcing that him and his family are going to KZN. To visit her wife’s family (his in-laws). He said I must take good care of he’s house. My uncle hates me,he’s just pretending.Yeah he once tried to rape well his wife was there on time to save me. As for my uncle’s wife(Andile) she loves me like her very own daughter. After all she’s my role model,she work at some hospital as a therapist(psychologist )

Day passed by they were now gone and I was left alone. I’m not scared of being alone anyways, I love being alone. I’m an introvert(like keeping things to myself).