The drive
“I heard you moved to be honest I never thought I’d see you again better yet this soon,” Jali said making quick contact back and forth with her and the road but Cherise stared right at him she took a while to answer she was searching his upper body with her eyes forgetting to reply. “I’m real it’s me I promise you can stop looking at me like I died and rose again please , besides its creeping me out,” he continued to say.
 “I’m sorry..” finally she said, “I’m still trying to take it all in you know, the last time we were together…” 
He cut her off and said,  “We made love , yeah I remember and I also remember you stealing my tshirt…” he looked into her eyes, this time and for a while there was nothing said.
“I still have the tshirt,” she said, looking out the window.
 “Do you think of me when you wear it?” he said back but Cherise replied in a smile.  “I still think about you too , a lot . I’m pretty sure you have a boyfriend now.
Cherise gave a fast reply. ” I’m pretty sure you have a girlfriend now too.”
 On to the freeway home there was traffic and Cherise soon found herself answering a call
 –hi yes I’m here I’m just stuck on the freeway . It’s okay if you weren’t ready to come I understand it’s okay maybe next time, okay bye will text you when I’m home
It was Chadley, she cut the call and gave off an embarrassing look.
“It’s okay, I’m glad that you have a boyfriend that cares about your wellbeing and safety it’s good that he call,” Jali said this and passed a small smile to Cherise and she smiled right back and with this her phone dropped. Jali rushed  in to save the phone and so does Cherise and with this they both find themselves holding hands .
Jali looks and smiles. “I really miss you I know I’m two years too late but it’s really good seeing you again.” 
Cherise is in awe by this, ” its good to see you again too Jali.”
There’s a hoot and soon they take back their hands and Jali leads the way home . 
“Mom , I need a hand with my bags please,” Cherise shouts from her gate jumping out helping Jali take out her bags from the backseat.
 “It’s okay I got it,” he says . 
Her mother opens the gate letting them in she recognizes Jali .” Hello how are you it’s been a long time since we saw you.” 
Martha goes in for a hug leaving both Jali and Cherise in shock. “Did you fetch Cherise from town?” she says letting go of Jal.
 “Yes I did.”
 Martha leads Jali to the lounge as he takes a seat she offers him something to drink.
 “No ma, Jali has to go home now he can’t stay long we were already held back by traffic,” Cherise says this and Jali rises and agrees. Martha leads him out the doorway with Cherise behind her.
 “Well it’s my birthday on Saturday you must come by , please son will be lovely to see you again.
” Cherise tries to jump in and say something when she is stopped by the words that come out of Jalis mouth.
“Will be a pleasure mam I’ll be here,” he hugs Martha goodbye and with a big wave he says to Cherise, “See you on Saturday.”