(there was a light skin tall guy with a cute face he was really cute like a baby his name was omolemo ,mapula’s boyfriend)

Omolemo:hi (hugging her )

Mapula:hy hud babe

Omolemo:am good yazi am worried

Mapula:why are you worried

Omolemo:I call you your phone is off I text you and seen like what’s wrong

Mapula:no..Ahh. there is nothing wrong am just studying you know for this June exam it’s really hard

Omolemo:Okey I wish you all the best I just wanted to know cause I love you more than enything

Mapula:same with me love

(They kissed )

Omolemo:let’s go and buy kotas

Mapula:Okey (she was really regreting cheating because she really loved omolemo more than the other boyfriends she had.she knew omolemo was her one and only but still cheated)was this love¿

Omolemo:this kotas are so delicious babe

Mapula:yes they are

(They enjoyed spending time together and Mbali enjoyed spending more time with omolemo because all he wants was her love not her body )

Mapula:I think it’s late now I must go home

Omolemo:Okey let me walk you then miss

Mapula:you know I really appreciate you and enjoy spending time with you

Omolemo:am pleased I really love you I wish we could grow up quickly and get married

Mapula: l’l be very happy to be Mrs mdlalose

Omolemo:and l’l be very happy to have a wife like you

Mapula :(blushing)ayy let me take a taxi bye I love you

Omolemo:bye love you too