(On Monday evening Mapula was chilling with her boyfriend Thabiso the most handsome guy in the hood )

Thabiso:do you know how beautiful you are? Phela Wena you are the most beautiful girl in the world

Mapula (blushing)really do you think so ?

Thabiso :(showing his cute smile and his gold teeth) really it like God took his time to create you babe he took the whole month creating you

(And indeed mapula was so hot like fire )

(While they where talking Thabiso ‘s friends arrived without an invitation)

Simon:hawu mpitshi Yami

Thabiso :yasho yasho bafethu ninjani zinja zami

Siphiwe:ya simnandi especially masikubona ujabulile

Thabiso : indeed am happy can’t complain as you can see niyazibonela

Mapula :(seeing the conversation won’t end)hayy Okey I think I should dash

Thabiso:haa so quick

Mapula :yeah I should go and cook Phela Goldie(Goldie was a name Thabiso was given because he likes gold everything gold)

Thabiso: Okey bye

Mapula:Ohh…. Key(she was sad she thought Thabiso would walk her home )

(As mapula was walking she saw her sister’s boyfriend kgotsatso he was so handsome )

Mapula : (greeting)hi

Kgotsatso: how are you mapula ?

Mapula :am fine

Kgotsatso:a beautiful girl like you shouldn’t walk alone

Mapula:why it’s not a crime

Kgotsatso:no but it’s true I can walk you if. You don’t mind


(While they were walking the was that silence)

(But kgotsatso came with the interesting subject in mapula ‘s ears)

Kgotsatso:so can you tell me are you single

Mapula:Ahh.. (knowing she is currently dating ) not really it’s complicated. ..you know

Kgotsatso:ohh.. I see . So can I have your numbers since am like your brother-in-law haha

Mapula:Okey sure

(Mapula gave Kgotsatso her numbers but making sure her sister doesn’t see her giving Kgotsatso her numbers. Phela mapula was capable of dating 5 boys in one time she was all soaps wash but she run away when it’s comes to bed u know)