31 december im supposed to spend this day with my family but noo, my boyfriend wants me to spend the day with him , so i came up with a plan of spending my day and night at church. My mom didnt seem to have a problem with that so i got my things ready and left the house.

I got to Trays house it was just the two of us,around18:30 four of his friends showed up and we all had fun until i was told not to go outside the house that I should sleep. Wow that was unexpected i went to bed i thought my man loves and cares about me.

00:00 HAPPY NEW YEAR i heard the sound of fireworks i woke up tried to open the door but i was locked inside the house …i called his name Tray Tray then he opened the door. I Said you should sleep,while he was busy talking a girl walked in and slapped me so hard calling me a man snacher that i am a whore that broke my heart but what broke me the most was how Tray stood again the wall watching as i was being beaten.