I got home thinking about what happened and me falling for him I was confused though I was starting to love him. Two months later I was in a relationship with him I chose to believe him over that girl things were going well in our relationship I would go visit on Saturdays.

I was now writing my June exams I didn’t want any disturbance so I would talk to him whenever I was free sometimes ii wouldn’t go over his place I was busy but he didn’t believe me.

He asked that I come see him and I said I’m going somewhere with My parents. On that day at night as we were preparing to sleep my phone beeped “I’m outside ur house come now” and I responded ” I can’t we a sleeping my mom will ask where I am going” so I went to bed then he threw stones over the roof I went outside after everyone fell asleep.

What are you doing here and how did you get into my yard? ” I jumped the wall” he said he came to check on me and that he bought me some chocolates, I took them and asked him to leave I’ll come over tomorrow he then left.