I woke up very early today started doing my house chores while washing dishes I received a call from my friend Thando she asked me to visit her. Well I finished my chores and I took a very short bath after I left.

On my way to Thando’s I was approached by two guys and they said they would like to be mii friends ok so I gave them my numbers n I wen to my friend. The next day I got a call from Tray one of the guys I met yesterday we talked n talked n talked well he seemed like a nice guy. Days passed n he asked if we could meet at the park and i said it’s fine.

When I got to the park I saw them sitting in the park Tray nd his friend Otray ,we had a nice time chilling at the park then later on I went home. I think I’m starting to fall for Tray he’s so handsome and also got that old skool style that I love ohh my God!!.

We met for like 3 times in a public space then after he invited me over his home, I was happy that I’ll finally get to see where he lives.