Lindelwa Khathi had known, Asanda with an immaculate face, now it was beaded and unkempt, but still looked handsome and grown.
“My love for you had been an undercover,” said Asanda. ” Waiting for the right moment to be exposed of how my heart feels about you.”
“And how long has it been undercover?” Asked Lindelwa.
“The moment my eyes first saw you. Back in high school.”
Lindelwa’s heart denied to have any sparkle of excitement. Asanda Cele was a play boy, everyone in KwaDayeni knew that, although it had never stopped the girls from falling for the muscular player. Now she found herself there with him in the community sport ground, watching a soccer match.
For only one reason she’d agreed to meet him there, to awaken the jealousy from other girls, to visualise her with the catchy popular player they don’t get the attention they desire from him.
“Day and night. I would have this fantasy about us as a married couple, and a bunch of our kids running around -“
“Are you sure that fantasy is not being in bed with me?”
She thought it was accurate to interrupt. If she let him continue with his false words, that he probably tells every girl that’s he wants in his bed, then she might find herself for his trap.
That’s wasn’t going to happen. There was no love for him, nor any infatuation to fool her.
“I’ve never slept with anyone” said Asanda. ” I’ve been waiting for my first time with the one I truly love, and that’s you.”
“That’s so sweet, Asanda.” She lied.
It was familiar for him to lie too. She understood why women were being weak around him. A liar liar to be seemed he was pouring out the truth. He turns to a desparate man who is searching for love. A man who doesn’t have an eye for any other than the one he loves.
For a moment, Asanda was reminding Lindelwa her big brother who was studying in university, a loyal and loving man.
She yanked out her cellphone in her Jean pocket and glanced at the time. 16:45. Perfect time for an excuse to leave as her mission was successful. Her gender hadn’t stopped glancing their wicked eyes away from her with the playboy.
Lindewa then told , Asanda she needed to leave because it was getting late.
“When can we meet again? Perhaps same time here. It would be much quieter.”
“We will talk, on Facebook.”
That late afternoon had turned gloomy. Everyone at the sport ground found their way home, and Asanda was the unlucky one to walk alone.
His head was buzzing with thrilling excitement when he thought about, Lindelwa. He’d known her as one of the girls that haven’t been smashed by any boy of KwaDayeni. His head made him believe she’d fallen for his lies. It was only a matter of time she becomes one of his meals.
His mind fantasized about stroking her high and full breasts, licking her tongue on her curves, sensuous thighs, and gazing at her angelic heavenly dark face as she moans to his rebellious manhood.
His nasty thoughts vanished when he approached a dreary and a cruel path. There was a church on his left. Same church where his mother would force him every Sunday to attend, eventually getting used to it as he saw beautiful girls slowly becoming members too.
There was a townhall in his right, and the outside lights made the horrible path bright, but they went off, and his cellphone was dead to use a flash light.
Passing a tall gumtree, it blowed the leaves aggressively; there wasn’t any wind. He glanced around, and spotted a figure standing outside the church door, and then it turned and walked away.
Asanda walked faster to exit the path, but the figure now stood opposite to where he was going. He stopped, his eyes fearful to see the figure walking towards him, walking as if to fall each time taking a step. 
It was a woman, who’d massive punctured wounds on her face, fresh and bloody. A moisture of blood on her hair, and she’d a machete that had blood on the blade.
The frightened, Asanda turned back to run away, but the woman was there on his face. Seemingly hateful and resentful.
Thembi Luthuli.
The one thing she said before bashing, Asanda’s head like how it had happened to her, is that he was never going to play with another’s girl feelings ever again. 
Especially, Lindelwa Khathi.