Grandma Khosi, Nambitha’s mother, loved her grandchildren Mfundo and Fezeka but there was one thing she detested about them. She had last saw them some months ago when Nambitha’s husband, Ntsika bought a new fancy house out of the township.

“Hhawu, banta’ bami,” grandma Khosi exclaimed with a smile as the grandkids happily ran to her. She bent and covered them in the same hug. Over their shoulders she saw their parents, Ntsika and Nambitha, emerging from the black Benz behind the mildly open maroon gate, with smiles of their own.

Although the main reason for this visit would kill off the smiles. Besides the fact that the kids wanted to see uMakhulu, the reason why Nambitha and Ntsika came over was because of the funeral of Ntstika’s father, Moses, scheduled to take place tomorrow at Ntsika’s home which was two streets away from this house they were at right now, grandma Khosi’s house. The old man’s death was rather a suspicious one, the detectives at the scene detected. So investigations commenced to find the person who stoned the old man to death and it was ruled as homicide. The two people who were with grandpa Moses on his last day were the maid, Tryphina and the Mfundo, the grandson.

Tryphina was questioned and said she was making the old man’s favourite meal, that she didn’t see anything. She could account that no one had come in the house, that it was just her, old man Moses and Mfundo.

When the boy was also questioned, he too said he doesn’t know who killed grandpa with stones. [Read the prequel to this story, Grandpa]

“We missed you so much, gogo,” he said.

Makhulu pulled his cheek and Kissee his nose and that of Fezeka, his sister. They all got inside the house.