Weeks passed by and I started getting a lot of attention just because I was friends with Zintle. I loved the attention it was AMAZING. I wanted more attention, I wanted to be on top like Zintle or even higher than her. I started letting my hair down and I went out more I stopped being friends with Zintle and I started dating a soccer player named Anathi.

I don’t really love him but he’s popular enough to make me popular and now I’m the most popular girl in school but being popular doesn’t distract me from my school work.

“Hey Lwandle you’ve been avoiding me lately what’s going on” said Z in the cafeteria where the whole school was watching. “Sorry but I don’t hang out with losers like you, I mean you only live in a 4 rooms house so do me a favor and never speak with me again OK” I said and the whole school laughed. Poor Zintle ran to the bathroom anyway I don’t care about her.

I’m the Queen, all of these people should listen to me not anyone but MEEEE