I meet with Z after school she says she wants to see where I live so we head to my house. “Wow girl you didn’t tell me you live in a castle.” ” Ha! I bet your house is 10× bigger” “No I actually live in 4 room house.” OMG I just made a friend now I’m meddling into her business I’m really not good at this ‘friendship’ thing. “Oh I’m so sorry… It’s just that I..” “No it’s fine girl no need to apologize” “OK so Z tell me how it’s like, being popular you know, having tuns of friends to count on?”

“There’s only one word to describe it annoying. ”

“So you’re telling me that being loved by everyone is annoying?” “Yeah I have so many friends I don’t even know which one is a true friend, but I can count on you, right?” “Of course you can”

“Yazi today I volunteered to help at an orphanage so I need to go” I say. “Sure can I come with you?” “Sure you can come”

When I became friends with Zintle everything changed.