OK girl this is it high school it’s only grade 8,9,10,11 and 12 then I’m out of here, I thought giving myself a little motivational speach would make me feel better but it really didn’t. I’m interrupted from my thoughts by the school bell which meant it was time to go to the assembly.

“Good morning students, today is the first day of school so I expect you all to behave well this year, i’d also like to welcome you this year especially Grade 8 students since this is their first day in high school. I am Principal Mzamo, I thank you for your time. Minentle sing Bawo Wethu Osezulwini (our father who art in heaven).

We sing and pray then go to class. Principal Mzamo was a beautiful woman,tall, neat and she wore glasses. “Good morning students” say a man who looked very strict, I’m guessing that’s our teacher. We stand up and say “Good morning sir”.

“OK Grade 8 students I will be teaching you History and we will start with History every morning so you better get used to my face, oh and don’t forget I don’t want any nonsense from anyone so behave understood.

” Yes sir” we all answer then sit down.