“Lwandle are you ready for your first day at school?” asked my dad. “yes daddy I’m excited but nervous at the same time, I call it nervcited.” I answered my dad. Oh how rude of me, how can I not introduce myself. I’m Lwandle Mandzi I’m 16yrs old and I live with my dad because I never really knew my mother she gave birth to me then left me with daddy.

I don’t have a lot of friends, actually I don’t have any friends. I’m approaching high school this year, today. I hear high school changes people so I’m gonna try hard to stay myself and not change my personality because of high school. “Lwandle have you eaten breakfast?” asked daddy. “No I haven’t I’m heading down stairs right now” I say as I take my backpack and run down stairs.

I got down stairs, made some cereal and as I was finishing up dad called saying “We have to go pumpkin”. I left everything there, took my backpack and left, not forgetting to lock the door behind me.