Family is the most precious gift, but what happens when your family is taken away from you and brought back when you least expect it?

Kyler is the 1st child of Carolina. Carolina has two children, Kyler and Hankie. Kyler is a 17-year-old girl, and Hankie is 14. Their dad passed away when they were young; Kyler was eight years old at the time. This broke her heart. And till now, Kyler still wonders how life would have been if her dad was alive. Though it was hard to move on, they all eventually came to terms with the fact that their dad was no more.

Kyler had a boyfriend; he was just two years older than her. Kyler’s boyfriend was caring and gentle and always helped her with schoolwork. She knew she wasn’t allowed to have a boyfriend, so she kept it a secret until her brother Hankie found out about her little secret. However, Kyler did her all to keep Hankie pleased so he wouldn’t say a word to their mother.

One day, Carolina got sick; she couldn’t do anything by herself. Kyler had to quit school so that she could look after her temporarily. She bathed, cooked for her and did everything she could to make her mom feel better. But she got worse and worse by the day. It was now time for Kyler to call for help. Kyler called her boyfriend. Kyler’s boyfriend, Bryan, was in varsity, so he took a long to get to Kyler. Kyler had no choice but to contact her awful, evil aunt, who wanted to handle everything from them when their dad passed. Kyler’s aunt, Josephine, did not hesitate to come in to help because she knew she would benefit something when the mother passed too.

When she got there, she took Carolina to the hospital. Kyler was now able to go back to school. Kyler and her brother kept on checking on their mother every after school, while their aunt would stay at their house relaxed, waiting for their mom to die so that she could take everything that she thought belonged to her late brother Joseph, Kyler and Hankie’s dad. It wasn’t long till the hospital contacted Josephine, informing her that Carolina had passed.

Josephine was overjoyed with the news. However, she pretended to be hurt when she told Hankie and Kyler about this. Kyler was so shattered that all she needed was her boyfriend. Bryan came as soon as he could. He offered all the moral support to Kyler and Hankie. The following day, the mortuary contacted the family to come and identify the body. Josephine could not go as she was busy with the title deeds and people who came to mourn. So Kyler and her boyfriend went there. Kyler identified the body; it was so heartbreaking for her to see her mom lying there helplessly. Poor Kyler felt so numb for a moment. She thought of herself and Hankie; poor Hankie was so Young when their dad passed. Now it’s their mom.

Tears were not coming out anymore; all she could do was scream with a shaky, broken voice. Bryan was there for her till the day of the burial. Just when the awful aunt thought she was going to take everything and leave the poor kids stranded after the funeral, something weird happened. Instead of a mortuary car appearing, a good-looking black shiny vehicle was driven by a man wearing shades with a white suit.

The man got out of the car and went to open the door on the back, and a woman with the same theme as the man stepped out of the vehicle. It was Carolina. Everyone was so amazed by what they were seeing. Hankie was the first one to collapse. Josephine was in shock, as if she was seeing a ghost. Brayan was numb; he was in between the dead and the living. Kyler was scared, relieved, shocked and curious at the same time. She didn’t know if she should run to her mom or not.

Carolina then explained what had happened and the reason why she was mistaken to be dead. However, it was just impossible for Kyler to believe that because she was there, she saw her mom’s lifeless body. She saw her mom’s pale body. She honestly thought her mom was dead. Only one person knew what was going on, and that was Josephine.

Josephine wanted everything by herself, and she used witchcraft to make her desires come true. Little did she know that God and the ancestors protected Carolina well. She was brought back to life to fulfil a purpose. One, to raise her children till they can provide for themselves and two, to end Josephine’s evil ways.

Josephine had it the hard way. She was all caught up in her evil plans. At the same time, Kyler’s secret of having a boyfriend was now brought to light. Her mom met Bryan, and it turned out to be good; maybe it was because Brayan was there during the period of ‘my mom being dead’. Hankie still asks Mom a lot of questions about being dead and what it is like. While I’m on the other side, I’m grateful to have my mom back.