Jasmine at Violet’s triple story house. The tallest house in the street, sometimes Jasmine would find it hard that the other twin only stayed in a flat. Not all twins are alike. 

“How are you feeling?” Jasmine asks. 

Violet doesn’t say. She only wipes a tear and sniffs. “I can’t help but say that this is all strange.”

“I know,” Jasmine agrees. “Rose was so close to us. How come we didn’t notice any signs of her being suicidal? I’m sure she wasn’t depressed,” she says. 

“What if it’s the debt?” 

“No, Violet I don’t think anyone would kill themselves because of that,” Jasmine says. 

“You know what hurts the most? That my sister dies right when we are not getting along. It’s now too late to fix things,” the tears from Violet pour out again. Jasmine hands her a box of pull able tissue. 

“I’ll transfer the money back to your account,” she says. 

“What money?”

“The money you gave to me this morning. For Rose’s debt.”

“Oh, that. Yes,” Violet wipes her cheeks. 


Sosa yells for Sanchez, still on his couch but with a thin light skin girl this time. It’s the same scene as the last. His right hand man comes rushing. 

“What the hell?” Sosa snarls at him and tosses him his phone. “I told you if she doesn’t have money, take her furniture, if she gives you problems, roughen her up a little bit, send her a message. Is there something you didn’t understand in that?” 

Sanchez mumbles, clueless as to what to say and what is Sosa getting at. And being shouted at in front of this thin light skin girl doesn’t help the situation, it makes him feel intimidated. 

“I sent you guys over there to her flat and what did you do?”

“But boss, I saw her. I was there. She’s dead. I swear,” Sanchez says. 

“So let me guess. Her ghost is the one that sent me that text?” Sosa asks, the light skinned girl on his side softly laughs and kisses him.

Sanchez stares at the phone. A text from Rose saying that Sosa should come over and collect the money. The confusion shows in Sanchez’s face. The message was sent and received twelve minutes ago, which is way past the initial time he was at Rose’s flat, seeing her lying dead on the floor. 

“You still standing here,” Sosa yells at him a little, it’s like he’s trying to impress his girl by showing her how mean and tough he can be like to his workers. 

Sanchez leaves the house