Early in the Morning the next day, Luhle prepares a scrumptious English breakfast for her Stepmother, as a surprise. The table has new flowers, fresh from the garden. Everything looks new and magically touched.

There Tabitha comes; wearing her elegant scotch-mist shirt that fits perfectly as if it was made on her, her draped mauve skirt that exaggerates her beautiful shape, almost like Luhle’s, and her mist stiletto, her hair is neatly done as usual. This time she is not late. She must’ve woken up shortly after Luhle. This morning she glows differently. Her beautiful eyes bring some sort of a magical touch and light in Luhle’s heart. Her smile reveals her beautifully shaped and pure white teeth. Her light skin warms up the kitchen, not the warmth like the one from the stove, but the one that rises from the heart. She is so gorgeous. Sometimes you just never know how beautiful someone is until you know something about them, something that was supposed to take away their beauty.

For a moment, Luhle wishes to constrict Tabitha, into something tiny, and shove her inside her heart. Her love in the heart will keep her safe, safe from the memories, safe from some permanent wounds, safe from some reminders and triggers, safe from those who aren’t sincere, safe from the cruel world.

“Lovely morning my sweetheart… Oh my word! You never cease to amaze me”

“Well, I tried” Luhle says, smiling more widely than she thought she would, seeing Tabitha this beautiful and lit makes her even much better, much happier. “You can sit Madam” she opens a chair for her.

“Oh thank you Mademoiselle” Tabitha says, Siting.


“Oh yes I surely will. Thank You so Much”

Before Tabitha leaves for work, they pray, the prayer is mostly Thanksgiving. Indeed what God has done for them is a lot. They hug for an abnormally long time. As Luhle watches Tabitha’s car fade away by distance, Luhle knows that Tabitha is safe in the sight of God.

Standing in the balcony alone, Luhle knows, right this moment that she can love Tabitha so well.

She may be young but not with Love.

Priscilla Shier once said “Age is just a number, if you’re twenty and have up to thirty to live, then you’re pretty old, and if you’re fifty and have up to hundred to die, then you’re pretty young”. There is certainly no time to waste.

Luhle decides right here and now, Love has no required measure and age, but only as pure as it can get. She is only sixteen, but she knows she can love her 38 years old Tabitha very well, as pure as she can. Everyone deserves Love. It will be alright. She knows it will be alright.