Tabitha has been sober since the locking. She’s been outside for fifteen days now, she cleans, cooks, she looks and smells good. She has returned to work. Luhle has been a Mommy Tabitha’s little girl. Most days Tabitha tells Luhle how grateful she is to have been locked inside. She tells her that no flesh and blood would’ve revealed that plan to her, it was wisdom of God and she is most grateful for her obedience to the Holy Spirit. She tells her that she was drowning but nothing in her was able to save her. She’s promises to take care of herself and Luhle. For the very first time Tabitha’s being so open about anything personal to her.

It’s an extremely cold Wednesday. It’s 7:45 AM, Tabitha has a meeting at eight thirty, and she is late. Luhle is preparing breakfast for her. Tabitha comes running into the kitchen, with her usual Morning energy.

“Good Morning Baby! I am so late” she kisses Luhle on her forehead “smells devine in here!”

“Good morning… I’ve made you breakfast”

Tabitha sits on the table chair, Luhle serves her breakfast.

“Thank you so Much Baby, You woke up this early just to make me a breakfast?” She looks questioningly at her, then she giggles, “I can get used to this. You know if I didn’t know you I’d say you want something” they laugh. Tabitha continues to eat.

“Mommy” Luhle says, after a minute or two.

“Mmm…?” Tabitha answers

“Can you do me a favour? It’s a lot but I need it. I’ve always needed it”

“Sure Baby Anything”

Luhle laughs, Tabitha laughs as well, “why are you laughing now? Just shout I’ll favour you”

“Okay, Seriously though. Please say yes”


“Can you, Umh… “She clears he throat, “can You, You know… Tell me… How do I put this?”

“What do you want me to tell you?”

“Eish No, sorry. Never mind, enjoy your breakfast…” She moves away, Tabitha reaches for Luhle’s hand and pulls her towards her. She covers Luhle’s tiny waist with her arm.

“Seriously Luhle… It’s only the two of us don’t be shy”

It’s now or never Luhle

“OK Mummy. Can you please tell me about your… Your upbringing, no I mean, your story yes, I want to know something about you, like…” Luhle keeps quiet at the realization of Tabitha’s sudden change of face. She’s looking down at her plate. Then back up to Luhle. Then a forced laughter; “Come on Luhle, I thought you wanted me to buy you a hotel or something, the way you took your time.” Tabitha sighs, and looks closely at Luhle, she lowers her voice, “we can always have that session. I think I can tell you. Now because it’s only the two of us until I don’t know when”

“No… No I mean…” Luhle says, then she strokes her Mom’s neat hairs, “I mean today please. When you come back from work”

“Alrighty, today it is then” Tabitha says, standing up, putting her plate and glass in the sink, she opens the tap, Luhle holds her hand, “no leave that to me, you’re late”

Tabitha lifts Luhle’s chin, she kisses her on her lips. Luhle’s heart leaps for joy, especially for today’s session. It feels like forever before Tabitha comes back from work.