Penny continued to cry on Josh’s chest right after they had seen her mother’s corpse get carried by paramedics in a silver shroud. They left the house when the forensics team came in to search for any evidence or possible DNA sample left by the killer.

“Did your mother have any enemies? Anyone who may have wanted her dead?” Detective Protea asked. Penny took a tissue from Josh’s hand, wiped her tears and said no.

“It’s my knowledge that last night you called in two officers. You told them about a certain phone call you received,” the detective said. Penny nodded her agreement. She told them the ANONYMOUS calls disappear from her phone. “You didn’t delete them?” Asked detective Protea.

“Why the hell would I do that?” Penny said.

“Calm down, babe,” Josh held her on the shoulders.

Mrs Greenwood, Veronica’s neighbour, told her story that she had come to visit her just as usual. She found the door ajar and welcomed herself in. That’s when she found the body laying face down on the carpet souse with blood, then she called for emergency. When she and the other neighbours were questioned they said they heard no gun shots and saw no one leave Veronica’s house.

Tell us: do you think it’s possible that Mrs Greenwood is the killer?