Next morning it was Saturday. Penny’s 5:30am alarm only worked until Fridays; 7am she was still asleep. She woke up eventually, and made a cup of coffee.

She watched some Netflix series on the laptop: Blood and Water. The volume was low, hence she could hear her ring tone from the bedroom. She rushed to the phone, spilt some coffee in the process.

“Hello?” She answered the phone.

“Good morning. Well, it’s actually not a very good morning but…is this Penny Lombardi? Veronica Lombardi’s daughter?” The man asked.

“Yeah, that’s me,” Penny said. Her face got more serious. “What is it?” She put down her cup of coffee.

The man told her that Veronica’s body was discovered by a neighbour just this morning. Her body was sprawled on the lounge carpet with a single bullet hole in the forehead. Immediately the phone fell from Penny’s hand and ear. She followed it down and cried. The phone’s screen showed her a missed call of last night, the time she had slept. There had been a second call: a missed call from ANONYMOUS.