Penny Lombardi sat with Veronica, her mother and Josh her boyfriend at the dinner table. A night where Veronica finally got to meet the man her daughter has been raving about. Every time Penny had opened her mouth it’s been Josh this, Josh that. Veronica could’ve sworn that Josh is the was the only man her daughter has ever known.

Lamb stew was served. Veronica saw why he had won Penny’s heart. The way the man ate, the way he talked, his ordour. For a second Veronica was reminded of Penny’s late father, Michael. “So what do you do for a living?” She asked.

“I’m an accountant for Kazier Chiefs,” Josh said, his voice sounded deep and it not only went to Veronica’s ears but it went inside her heart too, melted it in steamy wetness.

Penny couldn’t stop smiling, even when she chewed her food. Her eyes never left Josh and her mother only existed when she asked questions. Questions he’d answer with that deep bass voice of his and both the women’s bodies would be weakened by love. All their strength was consumed by their smile to Josh. He answered all of Veronica’s questions. But even if he couldn’t have answered them, even if he wasn’t one of the accountants for Kazier Chiefs, even if he had no car and he was just a garbage man working for PikiTup he still would’ve won Veronica’s heart. It’s not the answers. It’s the voice. The face and the mannerism. A real man. Later, supper was over, he and Penny said their goodbyes to Veronica and left.

Tell us: is it really true that parents do allow a man to be with their daughter even if that man has no job and no money?